Terms of Use


Terms of Use

The website www.solidus.gr (hereinafter referred to as the "website") aims to promote the company SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm (hereinafter referred to as the "company") on the Internet, and the provision of information, electronic services and facilities to its customers and other interested parties. The company is based at 64 Louizis Riancour, 115 23, Athens in Greece and operates in the field of providing investment services. The company is a member of the Athens Stock Exchange and the Cyprus Stock Exchange. In addition to the activities it develops as a member of the above organizations by carrying out transactions on the products they provide, it is also active in other investment product markets, through partnerships with other licensed companies.

The website's service infrastructure (servers, networks, databases) and the related equipment and software used are the property of the company and are located in one of the largest data centers in Europe based in the Netherlands. The space is protected, both from physical access, and from digital intervention with the use of appropriate equipment and software.

DigiCert Seal

In cases where it is required to submit or view confidential data (submitting a contact form, viewing portfolio information, submitting applications online, submitting codes to access services, etc.) through the website pages, the connection is encrypted using TLS RSA WITH 3DES 112bit keys, a process that makes data transfer via the internet safe, according to current standards. The recording of the data you submit is done entirely in the company's systems and concerns exclusively the purposes that are clearly stated in each data submission request. Content pages protected with this type of encryption are marked at the bottom left with the logo of the company Digicert, which provides the encryption keys. By opening the link above the logo, you can see all the information that this process confirms.

The company undertakes that:

  • The data submitted will not be used for a purpose other than that stated in the respective submission request.
  • The data is not transferred to servers or digital storage areas outside the areas and systems that are under the absolute control of the company (e.g., cloud), neither for storage reasons, nor for recovery reasons (backup).
  • In case it is necessary to transfer the data you submit to third parties (e.g., orders to the stock exchange, statements to the securities depository, registration on an International Markets platform, etc.), this is clearly stated in the relevant submission request.
  • The maintenance of the systems and the software used to record and store the data is done by competent authorized personnel of the company. When in some cases accesses are required from cooperating software and equipment providers to solve technical problems, the accesses are made in a specific environment (UAT) containing masked data. Maintenance procedures performed by partner companies or persons are covered by confidentiality obligations, and are closely monitored by the company's competent personnel.
  • The company keeps a digital log of actions on the web server. The log records the details of all connections made to the server, as well as requests (requests) submitted while browsing the web pages. The information recorded includes the IP address, the program and the technology used to connect (e.g., Internet Explorer 11.0 – Windows 10, Google Chrome 6.0 – Android 7.0), the request made (e.g. miaselida.asp?prm=876 ), and the date and time this has occurred. The company reserves the right to make use of the information recorded in order to achieve the blocking of connections that act in a way that endangers the security and operation of the website. In the event that malicious action or possible fraud is established, it reserves the right to request from the competent authorities, the identification of the person based on these data, in order to take legal action against him.
  • The company safeguards and checks the content of the website for the presence of malware and viruses. Even in cases where content or communications from third parties are displayed, the content is checked before it is posted on the website. The commitment does not apply to references to pages other than www.solidus.gr.
  • The company ensures the accuracy and validity of the content of the website, using all the data available for this purpose. The company is not responsible for the content of announcements and publications that refer to data from other companies that are made public after relevant checks by the competent authorities.

By entering the website, you agree that:

  • You have sufficient knowledge to use a computer to search, view and basic information processing.
  • You are an adult with sufficient experience and knowledge to be informed, manage or perform transactions in products and services provided by the company.
  • The views of products and transaction data or other information concerning them are intended solely for your information and do not in any way constitute an invitation or suggestion to carry out transactions on the products.
  • You carefully read, review and of your own volition agree to the points where this is required to carry out each process that you have chosen to perform within the website environment.
  • Check with appropriate programs (anti-virus, Internet Security, anti-malware) the security of your computer, and its protection from malicious programs and viruses that may intercept data that you register or store on it.
  • Both the content and the notices displayed on the website are completely understandable and are not vague, ambiguous or contradictory, with the possibility of fraud or intent to deceive. In the event that you believe that there may be a misinterpretation of the website's contents, please notify us at info@solidus.gr or by phone at 210 6900600, so that we can take the necessary actions (corrections, clarifications).
  • You are using the content of the website for your personal information. It is not permitted to copy or in any way transfer the content for publication or use by third parties.
  • You use the methods provided by the website manufacturer to display information. Any other method detected will get you banned from the site content.
  • You have been informed about the Personal Data Protection Policy posted on the website Personal information provided through the website to the company, either to meet communication needs, or to meet identification needs in accordance with the applicable regulatory frameworks for conducting and displaying transaction information, will not be provided to third parties for purposes other than those defined in each case, during their collection. This personal information will remain at the company's disposal for 10 years from your last verified transaction with the company, if you are its customer, or for 5 years if it has been provided simply for communication purposes.
  • In cases where you submit information to fulfill your requests, the information you submit is true and can serve the purpose for which it is provided to us. You may not act under a pseudonym or on behalf of a third party without their written authorization.
  • You consent to the use of your personal information that you have already provided to the company by entering into a contract for the execution of transactions, to be used where it is necessary to cross-reference information to identify you in the services provided on the website for our customers.
  • You are responsible for the security of personal passwords provided to you by the company to access pages with confidential, personal content. You do not give them to third parties, regardless of their status, social or family connection with you. We particularly draw attention to persons who may appear to be acting on behalf of the company. The company undertakes that it will not ask you to provide it with said codes for any reason.
  • If you have any indication that your personal data or passwords have been leaked to third parties, please inform the systems security manager at info@solidus.gr or at 210 6900610 as soon as you become aware of the leak.

In the event that you agree to all of the above, you should take into account that, in order to avoid the process of certifying general consent to the website's Terms of Use in the future, the website will record on your computer a small piece of computer code (cookie), which will certify each time you enter the website, that you have already been informed of the Terms of Use. In this way, it will not be required to apply the new procedure for their acceptance. The code does not contain your personal information, it is stored in the area of your personal profile on your computer. By using the browser (browser) you use to enter sites, it is informed that (any) user in the specific profile on the specific computer has already read and accepts the above terms of use. Please refer to the instructions for use of the browser you are using so that you can see the information recorded in the code and if you decide to delete it. If you use a shared computer or a computer with a shared user profile, please refer to the instructions for use of the browser you are using, so that you can choose to delete cookies when you exit the browser.

The process of certifying acceptance of the Terms of Use will be repeated each time you access the website from a different computer/device/browser, or from the same computer if you use a different user profile.

Please select below whether you agree to the terms of use set by our company. If you have reservations or objections about the content you read, we are at your disposal to clarify your questions and resolve your concerns. You can contact us either by phone at 210 6900610 during working days and hours, or by e-mail at info@solidus.gr.