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SOLIDUS Securities ISF  |  A Financial Services Company

SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm, is a Greek Corporation that offers Investment Services, headquartered in Athens in Greece, and incorporated as a public company. It is one of the largest Investment Services Companies in Greece and, measured by 2021 revenues, the sixth largest company of its sector in Greece. Its revenues in 2021 amounted 4,4 mil euro. Its share capital amounts 3 mil euro.

The Company was founded in 1999 by Alexandros Sinos and Christos Tzoumezis. The company rapidly became one of the leading competitors of the Greek Financial Market by acquiring and merging with Value Capital Investment Firm in 2006 and ARTION Securities Investment Firm in 2009. SOLIDUS became a member of EUREX derivatives Exchange in 2001.

SOLIDUS is a trading and clearing member of the Athens Stock Exchange (derivatives and stock market) and the Cyprus Stock Exchange (stock market). The company is also active in global stocks, bonds and derivatives markets. SOLIDUS operates as a distributor of financial products under the provisions of EU regulations. The Company distributes financial products all over Greece through a network of 41 Tied Agents and its Salonica Branch. SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm is licensed and regulated from the Hellenic Capital Markets Committee and its Legal Entity Identifier Number is: 213800DF88N444TZD357 and ISIN Number: GRS820003002.

SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm became a listed public company in 2019 as its shares were listed on the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE: Solidus).


SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm is authorized from the HCMC to provide the following investment services and activities, namely:

  1. The receipt and transmission of orders, which consists in the receipt and transmission of orders on behalf of clients, for the execution of transactions in financial instruments.
  2. Execution of orders on behalf of clients.
  3. The management of portfolios, which consists in the management, at the discretion of the investment firm, of client portfolios, within their mandate.
  4. The provision of investment advice, which consists in providing personal advice to a client either at his request or at the initiative of the company.
  5. The custody and administrative management of the above financial instruments on behalf of clients including the provision of custodian services and the provision of related services, such as the management of cash or collateral provided.
  6. The provision of credits or loans to an investor to conduct a transaction in one or more of the above financial instruments, mediated by the company that provides the credit or loan.
  7. Providing advice to companies on their capital structure, industry strategy and related issues, as well as providing advice and services on business mergers and acquisitions.
  8. The provision of foreign exchange services if they are related to the provision of investment services.
  9. Investment research and financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations related to transactions in the above financial instruments.

SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm serves more than 25.000 private and institutional clients that wish to trade in the Greek and International stock, bond and derivatives markets.


Since 2014 SOLIDUS Securities Investment Services Firm owns 65% of SOLIDUS INSURANCE SA a Greek insurance agency company.


Managing Director Takis Goulas is the Chief Executive Director of the company appointed by the BoD.

Board of Directors
  • Alexandros Pappas President, non-executive member,
  • Ioannis Christopoulos Vice President, non-Executive Member,
  • Panagiotis Goulas, CEO, executive member,
  • Nikolaos Chalkiopoulos, executive member,
  • Nikolaos-Ioannis Kaltsogiannis, independent non-executive member,
  • Elias Grammatikos, independent non-executive member,
  • Charalambos Christopoulos, independent non-executive member.